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I don’t currently have a lot going on song-writing wise. I have been trying to put the finishing touches on the Grass Mud Horse album (my punk band), so my writing has been focussed on the last couple songs I need to compose for that. This past couple weeks I’ve been working on a song called She Likes it Rough for this album. Heres where thats at so far…

She Likes it Rough – written by Chris Barry

The story behind the song…

For midi recording purposes I have a small midi keyboard and I’m not bad composing little melodies and bass lines with my right hand…but up until recently my left hand piano skills where none existent. I’d mentioned this to my wife and in her infinite wisdom she bought me a full sized keyboard for our anniversary and I set about learning to play with both hands.

I’ve always loved early Rock n Roll and blues music. I find the Rock n Roll piano of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard to be awe-inspiring, and I thought it’d be really cool to learn to play this style…

I also figured it would help me get the hands-together stuff and chord shapes down really fast. So I started watching some how to videos and began coming up with some of my own ideas. I pretty quickly decided it would be really cool to write a rock n roll punk song for the Grass Mud Horse album I was working on, so I started work on She likes it rough.

The Lyrics

My idea for the song came from an old relationship. I had a very explosive romance many years ago with a girl who lets just say…knew EXACTLY what she wanted. I’d never had an experience like this before and it was strange to take a back seat and also a little bit scary. I personally think it’s quite funny in retrospect and I thought it was exactly the kind of thing Jerry Lee would’ve written about. I gave the lyrics a bit of a tongue in cheek vibe, the song never out-right says anything, but it suggests an awful lot….

She Likes it Rough
By Chris Barry

It felt wrong,
It felt right,
and then I couldn’t sleep that night,
She said I hope you’re man enough,
‘cos I like it rough,

Verse 1
I never questioned why she had handcuffs in her underwear drawer,
I thought she really must love ping-pong,
with all these paddles on the back of the door,
Everthin’ was goin normal,
Although a bit too formal for me,
I nearly told her she could kiss this,
When she said to call her Mistress…Please!,

Verse 2
Everyday I wake up brusied and I feel a little used you see?
Thought I’d be hangin’ out some beddin’,
Cos she suggested tryin’ peggin’ to me,
Although I kinda like it,
It’s still a little frightenin’ and odd,
And I wouldn’t see the Dr so much if she just spared the rod!

Outro Tag
I hope I’m man enough,
Cos I like it,
I hope I’m man enough,
Cos she likes it,

The Recording

Well I’ve stuck close to the format I’ve been using for almost all the songs on the GMH album. Basically theres a double tracked distorted guitar panned out quite wide. Drums and bass are in the middle with the vocals and lead guitar. The challenge with this track is that I’ve included the piano part all the way through, and so I’ve been battling to find the right room for that as it seems to either fight with the vocals or the guitars depending where in the mix I place it.

I’m not completely happy with the vocal takes and will attempt to try some new runs. I’d also like to say this is the first track I’ve used my new RODE NT1A condenser microphone on and I need to play about with that more as it is much quieter than my other microphone (yes it’s famous for that).

I love my guitar solo for this track. I typically just wank over the track until something comes together, but this solo I pieced together quite deliberately as I wanted to some quirky rock n roll/country style licks in there and I’ve got that.

well…what’s next?

The title of the GMH album is tentatively Beijing Bikini and I’ve got a ska-punk track in the works based on that idea….a title track for the album I guess. I think after that song is finished I will write just one or two more and then the album will be ready for final mix and master.

I’ve also volunteered to help a student at the university whose a year behind me, but has nobody else to co-write with….so hopefully some good stuff will come out of that.

I’m also still working on a hip-hop track that’s been over a year in the making…it features myself and the P.O.E. from Canada…a very good rapper from Texas is taking a month of Sundays to get his verses together…so hopefully that will be done soon.

Well that’s me, I’ll try to keep this up each week….if you have questions for me or think I should do this differently somehow, please let me know!


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